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Nyckelharpa lessons

18/09/2015 in News

One to one nyckelharpa lessons available in the southeast/Kent area

As most of you in the community know, I've been playing nyckelharpa for 10 years. I'm also a qualified violin teacher and run fiddle and nyckelharpa workshops at various festivals in the UK. I specialise in Scandinavian music and MC the monthly London Scandi session, but also have an interest in English and French dance music.

I play the nyckelharpa in CGDA (viola) tuning rather than CGCA. This way of tuning has become increasingly popular in the UK, Europe and with some of the younger players in Sweden.

If you are finding playing the nyckelharpa uncomfortable, I can help you explore different ways of holding the instrument. I have chosen, for ergonomic reasons, to adopt the underarm bowing method popularised by Didier François and Eléonore Billy. But note, I can teach you whichever holding method is most comfortable for you.

For more information, please email me on christinesusandyer (at)

Nyckelharpa bows for sale

18/09/2015 in News

We've had a new batch of 10 harpa bows made up - there are six left. Any takers? Price £85, p&p extra.
Brazil and snakewood bows available. Length approx 480-500mm. Weight varies depending on design of frog.
I've tried all the bows and can vouch that they are very playable and make a good, strong but sweet sound.
I'm playing at various dance venues in the southeast and East Anglia over the next few months - I will have the bows with me if they haven't been sold.
We're based in southeast London. If you want to come round to try them, just send me a message (please email my partner Mike on mikejkeen (at)