Instrument Makers:
Most of the instruments are currently made in Sweden, so here is a list. If you're interested in any of these harpas and would like a hand getting in touch with them, drop us a line and we'll be happy to make contact and help out with any matters Swedish language-wise. ūüôā

Olle Plahn - based in Falun in Sweden
Enar Magnusson - based in Sweden
Sören Åhker
- based in Sweden
Martin Westermark
- based in Sweden
Esbjörn Hogmark
- based in Sweden
Bo Nilsson - based in Sweden
Kjell Lundvall - based in Sweden
Peder Källman - based in Sweden

Jean-Claude Condi - based in France
Johannes Mayr - based in Germany
Annette Osann - based in France
Nikolaj Marks - based in The Netherlands

Leif Alpsjö also supplies instruments from various makers

British Makers
If you're a maker based in Britain - get in touch to be added to this list:
Ian McMaster - based in Somerset
Pete Rigg - based in Cumbria

You can buy Prim strings from the following UK stockists:
Brian Cohen
Pete Rigg -  (discount for society members)

Bows are really, really important. They make all the difference. We're looking into cheap bows at the moment, most makers will sell their instruments with a bow, so if you buy an instrument you'll have that choice.  The American Nyckelharpa Association have a good list of bow makers.
Jean-Claude Condi - sells very expensive but very good bows
Aurelie Georges - nyckelharpa bows not listed, but she does have a variety of nyckelharpa bows
Leif Alpsjö
 sells a variety of bows.
Olle Plahn  sells a good basic model.
Gewa Psaltery Bow - makes a very good basic bow
Incredibow make a specialist nyckelharpa bow

Pete Rigg sells cases from the UK
Leif Alpsjö
 sells cases from Sweden
Bag Luthiers sells cases from Spain

People wanting to make their own nyckelharpa:
Sören Åkher has recorded a DVD of how to make your own nyckelharpa.  Also available is a book of plans.

General UK based Luthiers:
Brian Cohen -  guitar maker and violin repairer

Note: this is just a page of links and the UK Nyckelharpa Society doesn't specifically endorse or recommend them.