It's not easy to find out about the nyckelharpa in the UK, so here is a list of useful things!

Social Networking!
We have a facebook group page. It's open to all.
We have a yahoo group open to nyckelharpa players based in the UK
There is a youtube channel which is going to have some handy hints.
Nyckelharpa Effect Blog/podcast/videocast

Buying a Nyckelharpa:
They're not easy to come by and they don't come up often, so as soon as we hear about any for sale in the UK we'll post them up here.  Be very careful when buying instruments, it's always best to try the instrument before you buy it.  If you commission one from a maker it is advisable to try one made by them before ordering.

Nyckelharpas come up for sale in Sweden on Blocket and Tradera, which makes it hard to try them, but really is best to try. They might be cheap, but they're probably cheap for a reason.  Contact Vicki for help with Swedish, contact Jeff for help in trying/bringing over a cheap Tradera or Blocket nyckelharpa.

Second hand nyckelharpas on Blocket
Second hand nyckelharpas on Tradera.

Tutor Books / Learning Resources:
Peter Hedlund's Nyckelharpskola DVD series
Jule Bauer's Tutor for Nyckelharpa
Rita Leydon's Folk Music Treasures
Leif Alpsjö's Spela Nyckelharpa
British Session Tunes for Nyckelharpa